Kamstones was birthed from the desire to create personalized fine jewelry pieces within any reasonable budget.

Knowing the significant expense and time taken to find the perfect ring, Kamstones aims to provide sophisticated clients with the ideal ring shopping experience.

Kamstones sources its diamonds directly from the wholesale market, saving you an average of 40% off retail prices. 

A Kamstones ring appraises for almost twice its value, making it an instant net-positive investment. 

Lastly, the Kamstones experience saves you the hassle of trying to force-fit your style into pre-made rings offered at retailers; we help you design your dream ring, all at an affordable price.




End-to-end customization.


A key aspect of the Kamstones experience is the customization process. We work closely with you to bring your designs to life.

From sketches, to 3D renderings which give you a realistic depiction of what your ring will look like, Kamstones works with you every step of the way making as many adjustments as necessary, until you are completely satisfied with your ring.

Once the design is approved, we go into production; making your dream ring a reality within a few weeks! Join us on this incredible journey of romantic expression. We cannot wait to pick our your perfect Kamstone.